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DaFiN Flex is the same design as our Pro Model but with a new softer, more flexible blade. Flex is great for beginning swimmers or as an addition to your quiver for recreational or distance swimming and snorkeling. The softer blade retains flexibility in cold water.

DaFin has earned its reputation with strong endorsements from the world’s best watermen and has become the #1 choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and top watermen around the world.

The side rails — the “strakes”— on DaFin are rock solid but run only about half way down the length of the fin where they angle back to the blade.

This forces the fin to flex right at this critical point.

The raised v-shaped foot pocket combined with a stiff blade working together at the point of flex creates maximum acceleration of the water flowing over the fin surface resulting in more thrust per kick with less effort.

For such a powerful fin, it is unusually light in weight.

The perfect balance of comfort and power.

Fun for any water activity from swimming to bodyboarding and the bodysurf.

Endorsed by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, United States Lifesaving Association and used by the best professional watermen and waterwomen around the world.

Fins float in salt water.

Lightweight and great for travel.

Made with quality, natural rubber.


Da FIN was developed by Andy Cochran, an Australian who has lived in Hawaii for 28 years. Cochran was a lifeguard in Australia on the famous Bondi Beach and was one of the pioneers of life saving surfing in Australia.

With the help of world-renowned Hawaii lifeguards Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana, Cochran has developed a high performance fin. Dafin combines the comfort of a bootie with an innovative shape to create a unique fin that is extremely effective in the most extreme conditions.

The Hawaiian Lifeguard Association has endorsed Dafin as the standard for lifeguard equipment for the past eight years.

Dafin is the number one choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and top watermen worldwide. It is a benchmark for more than 40 municipalities and rescue organizations in the United States.

Dafin Europe is the natural distributor of this essential product in the waterman’s kit. The company also manufactures Kicks fins, a bodyboarding model developed by Cochran and Hawaiian bodyboarder Aka Lyman.

Size Matching

Dafin Size US (Men) US (Women)EU (Men)EU (Women)UKSize CmLenght Inch
XXS1 – 22 – 3.534 – 3533 – 340 -119 – 20,57.5 – 8
XS3 – 44 – 5.536 – 3735 – 36,52 – 321 – 22,58.4 – 8.9
SM5 – 66 – 7.538 – 3937 – 38,54 – 523 – 249.1 – 9.5
MD7 – 88 – 9.540 – 4139 – 40,56 – 724,5 – 269.7 – 10.2
ML9 – 1010 – 11.542 – 4341 – 42,58 – 926 – 27,510.3 – 10.8
LG11 – 1212 – 13.544 – 4543 – 44,510 – 1128 – 29,511 – 11.5
XL13 – 1414 – 15.546 – 4745 – 46,512 – 1330 – 3111.7 – 12.2
XXL15 – 1616 – 17.548 – 4947 – 48,514 – 1531 – 3212.3 – 12.7
DaFiN / Kicks sizes are based on US sizes for men.
The size chart shows the conversion to Women’s, EU and UK sizes.
Length is the most important measurement: heel to longest toe.

We do not make “narrow” or “wide” versions of DaFiN. The foot pocket is soft, comfortable and stretches to fit the width.

Increase your size choice if you plan to wear a sock, however, our foot pockets are so comfortable that a sock is not necessary for comfort.

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