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DAFIN was developed by Andy Cochran…

Andy Cochran, an Australian who has made his home in Hawaii for the past 35 years. Cochran had been a lifeguard at Australia’s famous Bondi Beach and was one of the early pioneers of Oz surfing. In the mid-1990s, he created the initial DAFIN design from a block of wood. The fins were produced in Australia and then tested in Hawaii with famous Hawaiian watermen Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana. Mark and Brian shared a passion with Andy to develop a high quality fin for lifeguards. The fin was powerful, yet comfortable and versatile enough to offer any user a level of safety in the ocean. Their invaluable contribution helped Cochran refine and refit DAFIN from the initial prototype to the final product.


Andy Cochran
DaFiN is a long-time supporter of professional lifesaving and surfing. We are honoured to be recognised as the official fins of the World Surf League and proud to offer you the WSL x DaFiN color way.
WSL is the governing body for professional surfers and organises over 150 events in seven categories around the world each year. In recognition of the important role that professional rescue plays in surfing, WSL fins benefit the lifeguards who make WSL events possible.

Mark Cunningham Signature Fin

DaFiN is the only fin I use both professionally and for leisure. Power and comfort are the two most important things I need in a pair of fins. DaFiN offers both and more.

Mark Cunningham
Hawaii’s world champion bodysurfer, lifeguard and instructor for 29 years on the North Shore of Oahu.

Zake Noyle Signature Fin

I like to put myself in the toughest and scariest conditions in the ocean, I know I can trust my DaFiNs to get me in and out of these situations safely, as well as allowing me to have the maneuverability to get in and not get sucked in by pulling down. The DaFiN fin has just the right amount of stiffness to maximise the push with each kick. I wouldn’t trust any other fin to get me out into the 12 foot pipeline area and back safely.

Zak Noyle
Professional Surf Photographe

Brian Keaulana Signature Fin

Brian Keaulana is a renowned waterman, water rescue specialist and safety instructor, professional surfer, big wave surfer and world champion tandem surfer. Whether he’s managing water safety for big wave surfing or coordinating stunts, Brian relies on DaFiN to give him the strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance to avoid danger in the ocean.

Brian Keaulana
World renowned Hawaiian waterman

Ha’a Keaulana Signature Fin

Coming from an epic lineage of watermen, Ha’a Keaulana has made her own mark in the world of surf photography. Offering a different perspective on traditional surf images, Ha’a captures a unique side of ocean photography from a woman’s perspective.

Ha’a Keaulana
Professional Surf Photographe

When form

DAFIN uses the highest quality natural Malaysian rubber in a unique and exclusive manufacturing process that incorporates two different rubber durometers into the finished product. The fin offers rigid strength yet is flexible when needed. There is less drag on the upward kick and leg tension and cramping are reduced. The strap does not bind or blister. DAFIN is one of the lightest bodysurfing fins on the market. Less weight means less tension.


Total Power

The wedge type fins with low angles on each side are called “strakes”. The strakes act to prevent water from spilling over the outer edge of the fin during the down stroke. Strakes work with a slightly raised V-shaped shoe to create a chamber for maximum acceleration and to allow water to flow over the surface of the fin, resulting in more thrust per kick.


Total Comfort

The shoe of the fin is made of low hardness rubber combined with the rest of the fin with high durometer. The shoe is silky soft on the top of the toes and foot to prevent blisters and chafing, while the bottom is stiff to transmit power to the fin. Socks or fin socks are not required for comfort.


Total Control

At speed, the “strakes” generate a vortex of water from the trailing edge forming a barrier to help prevent water from exiting around the raised shoe, resulting in an element of control and manoeuvrability across the face of a wave or in turbulent water.

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